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Comprehensive Maintenance Support

ASD Comprehensive Maintenance Support includes:

Desktop Support

To support the end user devices, ASD delivers the following services:
• Onsite services – Where a problem cannot be resolved remotely, ASD will provide timely site visits or invoke additional support from our field support partners. We manage our own suppliers ensuring absolute back-to-back service commitments and performance
• Standard application support – the resolution of more complex ‘how do I’ calls and problems relating to the normal functionality of the supported desktop applications such as Internet Explorer, Windows, MS Office suite, Microsoft Outlook, Domino, Anti-virus and other standard office applications.
• Software distribution – a service to roll-out plug-ins, patches and hot-fixes to the standard operating environment or application portfolio which can be deployed using software distribution tools.
• System Patch management – management and maintenance of the standard operating environment and standard builds to include relevant plug-ins, patches and hot-fixes as they become available.

Anti-virus control: ASD ensures anti-virus software is installed throughout the user base and maintained at a current level. We proactively monitor for outbreaks of viruses, both inside and outside of the customer’s network, and take appropriate action to protect the integrity of the network.

Hardware Maintenance: when a hardware fault is diagnosed, ASD manages the process to ensure that the hardware vendor is informed and a suitably qualified engineer is despatched in order to repair or swap out the affected unit. Hardware includes but not limited to the following:
i. Servers, Desktop computers, laptops/notebooks, Firewall, Routers, skin analysis machines etc.
ii. Peripherals such as Laser/Inkjet printers, network printers, digital copiers etc.
iii. Accessories such as External CD drive, scanners, CD/DVD writers, card readers, thumb-drive, blackberry, PDA etc.

Installation and Removal of Hardware and Software
• Software Installation/Removal – of all standard software packages (e.g. Windows , MS Office suite, Microsoft Outlook, Domino, Anti-virus and Acrobat etc.) purchased through ASD or from other vendors.

Asset Control

Our service team will perform the following functions:

Inventory Management – Use of automated tool for administration and management of desktop devices and associated software. This provides information for hardware maintenance, for software inventory, and for use in the Problem Management System.

Configuration Management: Provision of systems for tracking and administration of software and hardware.

Asset Management – Asset management extends the functionality of inventory management for the purposes of management of IT assets.


ASD’s team supports technology requisition, purchasing and receipt functions, if required by the client. The whole life cycle of procurement includes:
• order origination by end users through requisition approval,
• order placement to a reseller,
• electronic transmission of orders to resellers,
• equipment receipt,
• Dropping the equipment “birth certificate” into the asset repository.

Software License

ASD will maintain and update a list of software licenses purchased by the client and ensure that there are sufficient software licenses to cover all the software usage.

Server / Lan Management

ASD delivers a comprehensive  server & LAN management service, which incorporates both proactive and reactive support to minimise the number of reported faults and therefore maintain a high availability in accordance with agreed service levels. The service incorporates a number of key management elements and also provides periodic reviews of the infrastructure with recommendations for improvements as related to service, business or technology changes. Key components of the service are:

• LAN & Server monitoring – ASD centrally monitors LAN and Server operations to detect alerts and error messages to avoid service disruption. On detection, we initiate the appropriate remedy or notification action in accordance with service levels
• Operating System Management – Proactive management and problem resolution for the NT servers. Systems administration including server operating environment, file system management, domain management and hardware management. Use of industry standard tools to prevent unauthorised network access and contamination by viruses. This element includes the application of service packs or patches to the supported operating system version but does not include migration or upgrade of the operating system, which would be regarded as a separate project
• Server & LAN Problem Diagnosis & Resolution – centralised resolution of problems by specialised ASD Engineers using remote support tools
• Email connection management – Management and setup of Microsoft Exchange Mail infrastructure for end users.
• Capacity Management for Servers – projecting future use of capacity based on historical trends and planned changes to determine when changes in capacity or structure of servers will be required. Management of storage to encourage archiving or deletion of ageing data to minimise costs
• Performance Management – use of industry standard tools to measure performance of key components such as server disk and memory. Thresholds are set to enable automated alerting of potential problems
• Server Backup Management – Creation, and management of automated, scheduled and ad hoc backup routines, data restore and test
• Annual Health-check Review – Provision of an annual ‘health check review’ of the standard operating environment (SOE) and the LAN & Server infrastructure to enable you to make budgetary plans for changes that will be required to maintain the desktop and server environment at an appropriate level.

ASD is also able to provide Onsite Help Desk who is outsourced to your company. Let your IT team be ASD, you will never worry when your IT staff goes on leave, resigned or reservist duties.

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