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ASD started as a Software Developer in 1995, developing over 500 applications for various industries. The Pioneer for SingaporeOne, a broadband initiative for Singapore to bring broadband to Singapore in 1996. We were the first to bring Internet Tuition and Online Education Material to Singapore back then.


ASD is now a Cyber and Network Security Consultancy Company. Our Experts are Specialized in  Cyber Security, Network Security,  IT Security Audit, Policy Setting, Intruder Penetration Test, Hardening of Network, Firewall, Servers and SEO for Websites.

Our people and mission:

ASD has a Team of meticulous, efficient and highly dedicated Experts to address our customer’s Needs. We Share our Knowledge to Empower our customers to prevent unnecessary downtime and losses.

Mission Statement

Our Customers’ Cyber and Network Security and Minimum Downtime is our Main Concern from 2020.


Customer Satisfaction

We focus on building trust with customer and creating higher value through continuous dialogues,  engagement and updates for the current and emerging environment.


We make a constant effort to improve ourselves by building our individual knowledge and striving for excellence through our improvement and training.

Delivering Intelligence-Driven Security Solutions and Expertise

As a leader in security solutions, we go to great lengths to provide you with an early warning system for evolving cyber threats, enabling you to prevent, detect, rapidly respond to and predict cyberattacks. In fact, many clients in various countries trust us to protect their operations and information from today’s most advanced security threats–a trust we earn every day.