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Web and Mobile Application Audit

For app developers, a web application audit is the best way to ensure your app is secure before you release it and to prevent hacks, damage to reputation and significant losses to your bottom line.

The news today is full of stories of hot new apps that are hacked within days or weeks of their release. In many of these instances, a web application audit and adherence to application security best practices could have prevented these well-publicized security breaches.

The purpose of web application audit is to review an application’s codebase to determine whether the code is doing something it shouldn’t. Audits may also evaluate whether code can be manipulated to do something inappropriate and whether the apps may be communicating sensitive data in the clear. A superior web application audit should identify whether developers have implemented appropriate security precautions.

Typically, a web application audit will include “white box” automated testing that examines code from the inside, and “black box” testing that examines applications from the outside while in production.

ASD help to detect security flaws for website, web and mobile application with our in-house audit tools, we recommend hardening, patching when possible to reduce the vulnerabilities discovered during our scanning.

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