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Software Audit

According to Gartner, software audits have had an accelerated growth over the last several years, with software vendors using the auditing process as both a stream of revenue and a way to stop piracy.

Recently, many vendors have made a series of changes to their licensing models by using a multitude of metrics (per CPU, per Core, NUP, PVU etc), which only add to licensing’s already complex nature. As the IT environment evolves due to virtualization and cloud computing, IT decision makers are required to have an increasingly diverse array of knowledge, much of which does not include licensing expertise.

The frequent changes in licensing rules, coupled with the lack of a software management and control tool, are putting companies in a major financial risk of getting audited by the vendors.

ASD having experience in years of Software Auditing provides detail list of all Software installed in the office according to type, licensing model, expiry date from just S$960.00.

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